Take advantage of this avant-garde treatment

Dr. Sylvain Gagnon has developed an orthodontic practice based on the latest advances in 3D imagery. Thanks to a system of 3D imagery and the 3D SureSmile® software developed by a laboratory in the United States, all steps in the adjustment of your buccal condition are calculated and simulated on the 3D model of your mouth. It is therefore a treatment that is 100% personalized.

The treatment that is best adapted for you

Dr. Gagnon always employs the treatment that is best suited to your buccal and dental condition, and would be happy to discuss all the available options:


  • 100% personalized
  • MORE precise
  • MORE rapid
  • MORE efficient
  • Costs comparable
    to conventional treatment

SEE how the SureSmile®
technology works

Sylvain Gagnon

Dr Sylvain Gagnon

Dr. Sylvain Gagnon has practised orthodontics in Montreal since first obtaining his specialized certificate in orthodontics in 1991. He has also lectured at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Université de Montréal on a part-time basis since 1992. Thanks to his ongoing research activities, he is regularly called upon as a conference speaker in Canada and abroad. He is a member of a number of professional associations in Canada, the United States and France
Eliminating the risk of error

Eliminating the risk of error

3D orthodontics eliminates practically all possibility of error since it is possible, when needed, to review the final result even before the first braces are installed. This allows you to make a very clear decision right from the start in cases where various types of treatment might be possible.

The latest technology at your service

The latest technology at your service

3D orthodontics uses a specialized robot to produce wires or Invisalign®-style removable aligners, which means that all the movements planned by the specialist are carried out extremely precisely.

Save time and spend no more

Save time and spend no more

With the 3D method, appointments for adjustments are less frequent (about every 8 to 10 weeks) and the total length of treatment is shortened by some 30%, since 3D orthodontics allows us to calculate the shortest route when displacing each tooth from its initial position to its final location. The length of treatment using 3D orthodontics is 18 months on average. What’s more, your treatment cost is comparable to that of conventional treatments offered by other clinics in Montreal.

Consult the leader in 3D orthodontics in Québec

Consult the leader in 3D orthodontics in Québec

Dr. Gagnon is one of the only specialists in Québec and one of the rare ones in Canada who is using 3D orthodontics for all his patients, in all steps of their treatment.