SPEED™ braces

SPEED™ braces are orthodontic appliances that eliminates the need for the bands used in conventional devices or “braces.” This device makes use of a component called a Spring Clip that stores energy in order to straighten teeth. It applies a slight, continuous force as it moves the teeth into the desired position.



Comfort: Thanks to the Spring Clip, the device straightens teeth with greater efficiency and comfort. In addition, the braces have been miniaturized by about 1/3 of the size of conventional appliances.

SPEED™ braces eliminate the need for donuts elastic. Both pressure and friction are reduced, allowing the teeth to move more freely.

Appearance: The size of SPEED™ braces has been reduced by a third of that of conventional braces, providing a cleaner, more attractive look.

Better hygiene: Food trapping is greatly reduced thanks to the smaller size of the braces. In addition, the miniaturized and rounded surfaces are easy to brush and clean.

Fewer appointments: Visits to the clinic are less frequent, since the braces only need adjustment every three months on average.