Incognito™ devices allow us to correct your teeth in a discreet fashion. It is a 100% customized treatment conducted by means of 3D-models of your dentition. The devices are glued to the inner surface of your teeth and adapt to them. The system can treat most problems of malocclusion and poorly positioned teeth. In addition, the length of treatment is the same as with conventional braces.



  • Casts of your teeth are taken to obtain a model of your dentition.
  • A simulation of the final result is then generated, based on the recommendations of Dr. Gagnon.
  • The braces and wires are designed by computer.
  • The braces are then placed in a silicon mould to allow them to be precisely positioned in the mouth.
  • The final stage is the installation of the braces and insertion of the linking wires.



Discreet: Since the braces are glued to the inner surface of the teeth, they are not apparent unless the mouth is opened wide.

Customized braces: Each device is customized to adapt to the surface of your teeth.

No risk of staining or demineralization: The interior positioning of the braces means that any stains on the teeth will not be visible. Such staining may occur if a patient’s buccal hygiene is insufficient.

It should be noted that Incognito™ braces cost about 25% more than conventional braces, on average. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the braces and wires are made to measure for each patient. Secondly, the time required for each appointment is longer, since it is a more delicate task to work behind the teeth.